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DMT Treatment

Some of the most potent medicinal compounds are found all around us in nature and can be accessed with relative ease if you know where to look. Many of these compounds are exceptionally useful in some medical applications, but there are several with extreme effects that offer questionable medical value. DMT is perhaps the most common of these questionable substances.

What is DMT?

One of the most common compounds found in nature is dimethyltryptamine or DMT. This powerful hallucinogen is completely inactive when taken orally in its raw form, such as the plants that produce it. The compound is metabolized by the digestion process long before it has a chance to reach the brain and create any psychedelic effects. However, there is a method of distilling it into a usable form that was discovered by indigenous people within the Amazon rainforest long ago. They brew a concoction called Ayahuasca that takes advantage of the effects of DMT to generate prolonged hallucinations for supposed spiritual or healing effects. DMT has since been synthesized by modern science into a pure form that can be injected or inhaled through vaporization, and these pathways bypass digestion to immediately deliver the hallucinogenic experience.

What are the Consequences of DMT Use?

Pure DMT injected or inhaled does only one thing, but it does that one thing better than any other substance known to man. This hallucinogen earned the nickname “the businessman’s trip” in the 1960s thanks to its quick onset and short, intense duration. Many users describe what they consider to be out-of-body experiences as a result of taking DMT, and some even claim to witness otherworldly entities that communicate with them from unknown dimensions. The experiences have been known to be as short as a few minutes, but some have been longer.

DMT Abuse Symptoms

There are very few measurable symptoms of someone abusing DMT. If the user is injecting the substance, you will clearly be able to identify puncture marks on their arms, but if they are inhaling or ingesting the material, it will be nearly impossible to tell by any visual examination. The symptoms of DMT abuse are much more psychological, and can often present as an apparent disconnection from reality, distractedness, or other mental instability.

Effects of DMT Abuse

The most serious potential negative effect of DMT abuse is self-harm while using the substance. Unless users are under close supervision while experiencing DMT they could easily hurt themselves or others without realizing what they are doing. The drug creates such vivid hallucinations that people have been known to attempt jumping from buildings while on the substance, amongst other reckless things.

DMT Withdrawal Symptoms

Dimethyltryptamine has no known physically addictive qualities so that regular users can discontinue use at any point without any painful withdrawal symptoms. DMT is thought to have some potential psychologically addictive traits, but those impulses are based on the user’s desire to experience the extreme state of altered consciousness once again.

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