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Synthetic Cannabinoids (“K2”/”Spice”) Abuse

The majority of people are familiar with the drug called pot or marijuana which is a natural plant found in nature. In today’s modern drug world, there are synthetic versions of this drug type. Synthetic cannabinoids are similar to real marijuana but are human-made products with detrimental effects. Familiarize yourself with synthetic cannabinoids and their addictive qualities so that you can avoid any possible addiction.

What are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Traditional marijuana needs to be grown and carefully cultivated, but synthetic cannabinoids are entirely different. Drug manufacturers simply need random plant material, so that they can spray on a chemical. This chemical-covered plant material is smoked in pipes for a high. Alternatively, manufacturers create a liquid cannabinoid drug that’s vaporized for instant absorption into mucous membranes. These synthetic cannabinoids are also referred to as “Spice” or “K2” on the streets. It is not real marijuana, but it’s a substance meant to mimic the typical plant’s effects on the brain.

What are the Consequences of Using Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Because synthetic cannabinoids are relatively new to the drug scene, there isn’t an extensive library of their long-term effects. However, extended periods of psychosis have been evaluated by doctors and scientists. The person doesn’t have to be under the influence of the drug to have psychotic episodes. Doctors are concerned about kids and teenagers taking synthetic cannabinoids during their developmental years. The chemicals permanently alter the brain in younger users.

Signs and Symptoms of Synthetic Cannabinoids Abuse

If you’re worried about a loved one being under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids, there are distinct signs and symptoms of abuse. Users will have an elevated mood and perceive the world around them in strange ways. In some cases, nausea and vomiting afflict the user too. They’ll be relaxed at one moment while suffering from a rapid heartbeat in only a few minutes. Chemicals within synthetic cannabinoids are so different with each batch that symptoms often evolve with each hit.

Effects of Synthetic Cannabinoids Abuse

Synthetic cannabinoids are highly addictive, so their effects are usually apparent to close friends and relatives. A friendly person might develop a violent side to their personality. Some users describe hallucinations and visions that they see as they go about their day. As a result of these cognitive changes, many users have suicidal thoughts. Unless the user stops this harmful habit, the adverse side effects will add up over time.

What are the Withdraw Symptoms of Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Addicted people want to continue their synthetic cannabinoid use because it wards off frustrating withdrawal symptoms. Without spice’s influence, users feel anxiety and lash out with irritable tirades. They often suffer from depression and headaches too. These effects will wear off, but the user must have the strength to deal with the withdrawal.

Almost every synthetic drug has the potential for addiction, so it’s important to know what’s around you at parties, concerts, and other events. Don’t smoke or ingest any substance unfamiliar to you. Addiction might occur by accident with far-reaching effects in the future.

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