How Can I Go to Rehab Without Insurance?

Not having health insurance can make it more challenging to find a drug rehab facility, but there are still options. Therefore, you should never let not having health insurance hold back your recovery.

Here are several ways to get rehab services if you don’t have insurance:

Inpatient Drug Rehab:

  1. Free Rehab Facilities:
    Most states offer to fund to private rehab facilities. While these centers are often more spartan than rehab facilities that are geared towards paying clients, they provide you with an opportunity to detox from drugs and alcohol safely. These facilities are located in many towns and cities across the country. To qualify for these programs, you will have to demonstrate that your income is below a certain level.Furthermore, some charitable organizations have free rehab facilities. Some of them are national organizations, but you also may be able to find a local organization that offers rehab services for free.
  2. Facilities That Offer A Sliding Scale:
    Many rehab facilities offer a sliding payment scale. This allows you pay only what you can afford. To find these facilities, some online search features can assist you. These search features will allow you to find rehab facilities that offer a sliding scale in your area.
  3. Financing Programs:
    In some cases, financing programs can be an effective way to afford rehab without insurance. Some treatment centers offer their loan programs. This will allow you to receive treatment and pay back the cost of the treatment over time through small monthly payments. Financing programs from rehab centers tend to offer low-interest rates and are easier to obtain than loans from financial institutions.If this isn’t an option for you, it may be possible to get financing from a bank. Some banks offer personal loans that can be used for a variety of expenses, such as spending time at a rehab facility. Whether or not you’ll qualify for a personal loan will depend upon your income and credit score.

Outpatient Drug Rehab:

When most people picture rehab, they envision inpatient rehab. However, rehab can often be conducted in an outpatient setting. This is often less costly. Here are three ways of obtaining outpatient rehab services without insurance:

  1. Look For Outpatient Addiction Counseling:Many mental health professionals offer addiction counseling services for a sliding scale fee, and this typically makes the sessions affordable. In addition to individual counseling, many counselors offer support groups at their offices. These group session also can be offered for a sliding scale fee. There are two main types of support groups for addiction:
    • 12 Step Programs: Many people have found 12 step meetings to be a powerful catalyst for recovery. Unlike many other forms of rehab, these groups allow you to form social connections with other people who are recovering from substance abuse. This can be a catalyst for long-term recovery. These support groups can be found in most towns and cities throughout the country, and they are free to attend.
    • Non-12 Step Programs: If you are interested in a recovery program that is not a 12 step program, there are a number of options available. However, these programs are somewhat harder to find than 12 step programs. If you aren’t interested in the 12 step model, the best way to find a support group with a different model is to search for one online.
  2. Affordable Tapering Programs:If you are suffering from an addiction to opiates, you may be able to get methadone with little to no out of pocket costs. Some methadone clinics are government funded, and they can offer free treatment. To receive treatment from one of these centers, you may have to get on a waiting list.In other cases, methadone treatment is provided at a reduced cost. This can make the cost of therapy cheap enough for you to afford it even if you don’t have health insurance. Most methadone clinics offer a sliding scale to help you to pay for treatment.
  3. Getting Treatment From A Physician’s Office:Some medical professionals offer a sliding scale for their services. This can make it much easier to afford treatment if you don’t have health insurance. In some cases, a physician may be able to provide medications that allow you to safely withdraw from alcohol and drugs.Getting the prescriptions filled if you don’t have insurance can be challenging, though. Luckily, there are ways to get prescription medications at a reduced cost. Here are three ways to reduce the cost of obtaining the prescription:
    • Generic Medications: If you don’t have health insurance, a doctor may be able to prescribe a generic version of the medication that you need for your withdrawal symptoms. Generic prescriptions are priced much lower than name brand drugs. Some pharmacies have programs that allow you to receive generic prescriptions for an even lower out of pocket cost.
    • Prescription Coupons: While many people aren’t aware of it, it’s possible to get medications at a discount by getting coupons for them. Some websites can be used to find coupons for medications.
    • Figuring Out Which Pharmacy In Your Area Offers A Lower Price: There are websites that allow you to compare the prices of medications at different pharmacies, and you can use this information to ensure that the doctor sends the prescription to the cheapest pharmacy in your area.